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   The Chocolate Manufacturing Unit is located at Kemminje Village near Puttur in Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka, India.

   A youngster of 30 years old with vigour and valour, it had taken giant steps in its toddling stage itself to fulfill the growers aspirations. undisputedly, Campco can claim the credit of establishing the areca and cocoa market. The Campco was encouraging the growers to grow cocoa as an intercrop to arecanut as cocoa has an international market

   The principle buyer of cocoa till 1980 suddenly stopped buying cocoa during the peak cocoa season due to slump in international cocoa price. To safeguard the interests of its growers Campco had to enter into Indian cocoa market also. Cocoa was bought in the form of wet beans from the farmers. The Campco has been furnishing the cocoa growers with cocoa saplings to the tune of 1,00,000 at free of cost to promote the cultivation of cocoa. Adopting scientific methods of fermentation and drying, campco could successfully export quality cocoa beans to european countries. Perceiving the future necessity of cocoa products and market strategy for cocoa, with the supporting nod from the central government and state governments of Karnataka and Kerala, Campco had carved a niche by establishing a biggest chocolate factory in South - East Asia, located in Puttur - a taluk headquarter located 50 km away from the coastal city Mangalore.

   Nurtured by Sri Varanashi Subraya Bhat, the founder president, the factory with all imported machinery was completed in a record time of 4 years, with an additional financial assistance from a consortium of Industrial Development Bank of India [IDBI.], Industrial Credit Corporation of India [ICICI], and Industrial Finance Corporation of India [IFCI], The factory was commissioned by Sri Gaini Zail Singh, the then President of India on 1st September 1986. The Campco had a break through within 4 years with an enthuastic support from the chocolate consumers and traders. It netted a profit of Rs. 27.5 Lakh in the year 1990-91. Eminent presidents, Board of Directors, Managing Directors, Secretaries have navigated and have been navigating Campco's cruiser cleverly and concernfully. It has steered its way during last 30 years in placid as well troubled waters with a pledge to make the farmer members reach their destinations safely and satisfactorily. This is made possible also with the unstinting support of diligent and devoted employees of the organisation.

   Cocoa cultivation is of recent origin in India; being an inter crop it has a great potential for growth in the vast plantations of areca and coconut in southern states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilanadu and most recently in a few places of Andhra Pradesh. Campco, through its undeterent efforts over the years has been able to install a sense of confidence in the cocoa cultivators through its procurement policy that has ensured reasonable prices to them. In purport of this, Campco has decided to establish cocoa liquor, butter and powder processing facilities and a chocolate manufacturing plant as an extension of its activities for achieving its overall corporate objective of safeguarding the interests of cocoa growers with better economic returns.

   With the machineries manufactured by 5 major companies of the cocoa processing and chocolate manufacturing namely

   • M/s. Carle & Montanari Spa, Italy,
   • M/s. l - Aasted International APS, Denmark,
   • M/s. Otto Hansel Gmbh, West Germany,
   • M/s. Sollich Gmbh & Co. kg, West Germany,
   • M/s. Sig Swiss Industrial co., Switzerland,

   Campco has stepped into cocoa processing and chocolate manufacturing with a licenced capacity of 8800 mt. though it is 8800mt, the installed capacity is around 13000 mt with a cocoa beans crushing capacity to the tune of 9000 mt.

The factory manufactures -

1. Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Powder -Industrial Products for internal & export market.
2. Moulded chocolates, Enrobed chocolates, Chocolate Eclairs, Sugar Coated Chocolate buttons and instantised drinking chocolate - finished products for internal market & having export potential.

   Keeping pace with the consumer needs of the new products, Campco has recently exported instantised milk flavouring beverage products and Chocolate Eclairs to Australia That are formulated at product development cell of chocolate factory export of cocoa butter to European countries also takes the cue.

Salient features of the chocolate factory :

• The factory is the largest in south east asia.
• The factory is one of the most modern in the world. the factory is equipped with the most modern machineries imported from five firms of four european countries.
• The factory is equipped with services installed by the best firms of india.
• The well-experienced architects and consultants designed the factory.
• The factory has been completed in a record time. the factory is situated in an industrially backward rural area in the midst of cocoa cultivation area.
• The Campco ltd. earns foreign exchange.
• Being a co-operative venture, this factory provides an opportunity to further strengthen the co-operative movement by bringing in the dispersed marginal and small cocoa growers under one umbrella.
• Quality of product manufactured is of international standard.

   The industrial development of the country over the past three decades has led to socio economic betterment of the country indicated by two parameters, the income changing pattern as well as growth of new urban agglomerates. The global liberalisation, the green and white revolutions has resulted in the income generation that has uplifted living standards of the ruralites. This venture is the symbol of a new era of enterprise and business for the cocoa grower who once faced the prospect of destruction and defeat. Inferring from changing consumption and income pattern, campco has been endeavouring to bring cocoa, which was christened in 18th century by linnaeus as "theobroma - food of the gods", within the reach of the common man. Campco produces wide range of cocoa based products of consistant quality, colour and flavour to satisfy the wide spectrum of customers all arround the globe. these include cocoa mass or liquor, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and other value added cocoa based products. the philosophy of the co-operative as reflected by our commitment to quality is simple:


CAMPCO Ltd is committed to,

1. Implementing a Food Safety Management System with an aim to produce and supply safe quality Cocoa, Chocolate and Confectionery Products that meet customers’ satisfaction and expectations.

2. Comply with legal obligations and to protect the end users with consistent safe products through the application of good manufacturing, hygiene practices, good distribution practices and HACCP principles.

3. Ensure all employees involved in production receive appropriate and adequate training in food safety and handling.

4. Ensuring that both internal and external communications regarding food safety are fully addressed.

5. Meeting all the Food Safety Management objectives and continually improve on processes and resources.


1. Campco quality control department ensures the Production and Marketing of high quality, superior value products that consistently meet our specifications and comply with local regulatory requirements.

2. Campco assures the customers and consumers by considering their expectations towards quality and price factors and to supply the materials accordingly at the point of consumption and to continuously improve by considering the customers feedback.

3. Campco Chocolate Factory Quality control department is committed towards supplying high quality chocolate products by applying HACCP, Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Sanitary Principles in the process and thereby assuring the safe quality food.

4. HACCP ensures the safety of the products as per Codex Alementarius standards while GMP ensures the implementation of the Good manufacturing practices and both in turn are ensured by Quality Control Department.

5. CCF Quality Assurance also covers the periodical verification and calibration of the equipments used for process control and hence ensures the correct proportions of the ingredients.

6. Inspection of the raw materials for stipulated specifications and final products for its physical, chemical and microbiological parameters to ensure the full safe quality food to the consumers and customers.

7. Final inspection of the products as per set norms along with products sensory evaluation by the well trained and screened tasters to ensure the consistency of the products.

8. Continual improvement with respect to technology and process for the delivery of safe quality products to Customers/Consumers.

9. Review and update this policy ensuring it continues to reflect Campco’s products value in concurrence to the expectations of consumers.

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