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The organization was founded by Late Sri Varanashi Subraya Bhat in 1973 in Mangalore as The Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Co-operative Limited or CAMPCO. This was in response to the sufferings of Arecanut and Cocoa growers in the states of Karnataka and Kerala.

Arecanut is an important commercial crop in the Western districts of Karnataka and almost all the districts of Kerala. When there was a steep fall in the price of Arecanut between 1970 and 1973, Sri. Subraya Bhat mobilized the Arecanut farmers of the two states of Karnataka and Kerala and promoted Campco. Under his able leadership, CAMPCO succeeded in uplifting the areca nut market and to this day ensure that the farmers get a very good return on their crop. Sri. Subraya Bhat worked as the President of CAMPCO from its inception in 1973, up to the end of December 1990.

CAMPCO is one of the few leading cooperative institutions in the Country working towards building a community of growers and farmers. The company set up a chocolate manufacturing plant in 1986 in Puttur, a city in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. The plant produces chocolates and other products of cocoa both under its own brand and also for other chocolate brands. It has a well set up manufacturing factory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a big number of factory workers from around the area. CAMPCO was built on the foundation of empowerment and as the years go on, this foundation is only getting stronger under the guidance of its leaders and cooperative members.

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Our Products

Being an initiative for farmers’ welfare, Campco believes that partnering with top-notched organizations and companies can go a long way to benefit our farmers.


Arecanut is an essential commercial crop in India and finds a place in religious, social and cultural functions. The cultivation of Arecanut is mainly confined to the States of Karnataka, Kerala and Assam, but its consumption is spread all over the country.



Campco procures aromatic, naturally grown and the finest quality of pepper. This precious spice is also known as the “King of Spices” and has a wide range of health benefits. Black pepper is said to cure colds and coughs and is the perfect ingredient to make your food spicier in an enhanced way.


We purchase high-quality cocoa, thus improving the livelihood of farmers. Cocoa powder is produced by grinding the seeds of the fruit of a tropical cacao tree. The beans have their hulls removed and are then processed. The leftover solids are further ground and sold as cocoa powder.



We have been successfully procuring rubber from parts of Karnataka and Kerala. With a lot of arecanut growers taking up rubber cultivation to boost their income, we have diversified into rubber trading to support our farmers and increase their income.











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President’s Message

It is a profound honor to lead CAMPCO, a beacon of cooperative values and excellence in the Multi-State Cooperative sector. I am filled with immense joy witnessing the evolution and success of this esteemed cooperative, and I am eager to further amplify our performance in the times ahead.


Managing Director’s Message

I am honored as we embark on a new chapter in our journey together at CAMPCO. As a farmer-led organization, our roots run deep in the soil of community, solidarity, and shared purpose. CAMPCO, a multi-state cooperative society is committed to the betterment of farmers since inception in the
year 1973.

Our journey began with a focus on Arecanut, a vital crop in the region, and over the years, we have diversified our offerings to include Cocoa, Rubber, Pepper and Coconut as well.


B V Sathyanarayana

News and Events

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